The Cooper Street Relic

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When we moved out of our house a few years ago we never thought that we would be back in it but due to circumstances beyond our control we reclaimed the house 2 years ago and boy did it look different. Both the inside and the outside were in ruins, the rooms had holes galore, the paint job that my wife Dale had done was covered up with some god awful colours, windows were nailed shut, I could go on but you get the point. We spent the first year redoing the inside and brought it back to some semblance of normality.  As for the yard, well it was a sight to see, no grass was left anywhere in the backyard it was nothing but a mud bowl, a giant hole that was filled in with loose gravel began to shift and our patio stones were beginning to go with them, needless to say, it also was a disaster. After leaving it for almost a year and a half we have finally got around to repairing everything out there and while we are only halfway done we hope to finish it by mid-summer. This is just some photos of the yard, and as I said, still a long way to go. Where there was mud, there are now patches of grass, the privacy fence is up and we sit outside without dust being blown around. The fight continues.

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