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Since the first Monday there have been over 100,000 Mondays and yet the world still goes on and I have to say that most Mondays I rather enjoy because it is usually a day off for myself, but there are exceptions. Both my parents passed away on a Monday, albeit 20 years apart but still, it was a Monday, and I can now add this past Monday to my list of dastardly days of Monday, and here is how it started.

As I wrote earlier I am usually off on Monday but this Monday I was scheduled to work and so I rose early to greet the morning and the abundance of snow that fell to earth. I went downstairs to make my morning Java and that is when the day fell apart and the world turned ugly just like a certain Monday in 1929 when the Stock market crashed. By the way, it helps to put a coffee cup under the drip mechanism of your Keurig machine as it makes a fine mess, after cleaning that up I finally got my coffee and proceeded to get  dressed with no issues and after throwing on my coat and mitts headed to the great outdoors, or so i thought.  Boy was I wrong, I went to open my front door and as luck would have it, it wouldn’t open, the bolt had broken and was wedged in the door jam not allowing me to open it, after 20 minutes of words that I don’t believe my Dog ever heard before and taking apart the mechanism I got the door opened and was on my way, again so I thought. Now, if you thought my car didn’t start you would be wrong, it started no problem and as I brushed all the snow off the vehicle the broken door handle was just a bad memory, with the snow all brushed off I jumped into said vehicle and turned on the wiper blades to clear what was left on the windshield and presto..the wiper blades didn’t work, they were just sitting on the window mocking me. Luckily the snow had stopped falling and I got the car to Ott’s garage and eventually I got to the Restaurant on time, but more fun awaited me there, for when I walked in and went to the back of the kitchen the first thing I saw was that one of the freezer doors had come open during the night and had defrosted everything in it, oh but it gets better, one of our  deep fryers had given up as well the night before. Oh, it was a glorious day in my life, well at least I had pants on, that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

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