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Sometimes inspiration can come to people in the strangest places and on Saturday it happened to me. I was stuck in a traffic Delay in town  and thought to myself”self, this could be a long wait, maybe you should do something to spice this wait up” And so I have come up with some ideas on how we the citizens of Cambridge can make the Inevitable summer traffic delays in the city more palatable.

You could pretend that you are in a rock band and start head banging to the music you are listening to, this usually is good until you realize too late that you are listening to Neil Diamond’s “I am I said”, not really a head banging tune, but you get the idea on that one.

Next time you are stuck in traffic in Preston or anywhere in Cambridge you can get out of your car and encourage others to do the same and start a flash mob, just make sure someone has a copy of “YMCA” on their iPod and you will be good to go.

You can provide entertainment for others stuck in traffic by exiting your vehicle and performing some street mime, everyone loves a free show.

I think I am going to keep some snacks in a picnic basket in my trunk and the next delay  I will set up a little picnic on the hood of my car and invite the others to join me, thereby making some new friends and having a little conversation at the same time.

If you like to have a little fun with people and you have a car where the back seat folds down you could unlock your trunk, fold the back seat down and then crawl out of the trunk yelling and screaming “I’m Free”

I think to get out of your car, running up to another and touching it then yell Tag Your it would certainly break the tension of the moment.

If you are not into participation games there are some that you can do by yourself while waiting, like perhaps practicing your accents, go from german to Russian and so on and so on, after all, you never know when it will come in handy.

You can freak people out by waving to the car next to you and ask how grandma’s doing, See how they react.

Along the same lines as a flash mob, you could try to get everyone to honk their horns and co-ordinate it as a song, perhaps try “Kung Fu Fighting” to start.

You could find out what other people are listening to on their car stereos and start singing along real loud, watch their expression while you are doing this.

And of course, if the delay is long enough, just take a goddamn nap!

I hope I have giving all of you some ideas, so happy idling everyone!

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