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The early part of 1972 was an outstanding time on the radio, there were some songs that are now considered classics hitting the charts, songs like American Pie,Without you,Heart of Gold,Horse with No Name and I’ll take you there but as School ended the music seemed to be a little lame to me as the top songs on the radio included Candy man by Sammy Davis, Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond and First Time ever I saw your face by Roberta Flack, songs that while not bad  just did not appeal to me and I turned to the Album Charts to find out what to listen to.  And I found the Album of the Summer!

David Bowie was an Artist that I was familiar with but had not got too deep into but in the first week of June he released Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and when I got my hands on it I played it as often as possible. From start to finish it was something that this 14-year-old had not really heard before, fascinating lyrics, a great beat and as for Bowie, well, who didn’t wonder about what he was. The concept of an Alien trying to save Humanity was so different from what I had listened to that I actually wondered if he knew something we didn’t. From the opening track “Five Years” to the incredible end song”Rock and Roll Suicide” it took me on an imaginary journey that opened up a lot of ideas for me and got my juices flowing to find other material and artists like this. And of Course, the artwork on the album was worth the price alone. Yep, the Summer of ’72 was going to be the beginning of a musical trip that still continues today.

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