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Not only do I not know the answers lately I am losing track of what the Questions are and that leads me into this little ramble about the great Canadian tradition of the Donut, the fried dough treat that most of us have grown up on and the shops that have been the meeting place to discuss politics, sports and other habits of daily life. We have met in them after a hockey game, treated our kids to them as a reward and see them as a beacon of light on long road trips.  But like many institutions in today’s world they are changing,  lineups longer than at a service Ontario site, drive-thrus have taken away many opportunities to run into old friends and have changed our snack habits and not for the better. Yes, I miss the old Tim Hortons style coffee shops, the counters where you could sit with your coffee and talk to the gals behind the counter and where the choices were less than they are today. I will admit I do not eat doughnuts like in the years gone by, after all, I have to keep my body in top physical shape( cough cough) but when I do have the craving and I find myself in a Tim Hortons I miss some of the old standby doughnuts, where are the Concord grape, the walnut crunch, and the oldie but goodie the dutchie?  It seems that they don’t exist anymore and damn it I want them back, because when I feel a little down those were what I wanted not a Nutella filled dough ball or an oreo cookie made up to look like a doughnut, I mean c’mon Timmies who are you trying to fool? Don’t forget your past after all the dutchie along with the Apple Fritter were your two original offerings so Give us back at least the dutchie, after all, it is as Canadian as Apple Pie is American and Donald Trump would never allow the Apple Pie to be treated this way now would he?

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