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Merry Christmas, there I said it, you can  now say that you have read those words coming from my computer. Now, I understand other religions and faiths and actually appreciate what they bring to the table at this time of the year and, in fact, would love to see their traditions somehow incorporated into the season but under no circumstances am I going to stop acknowledging the fact that it is the Christmas Season until I am 6 feet under and pushing up the daisy’s. Okay, that takes care of the first issue that I have with Christmas and now let’s move on to the real meat and potatoes of this column, the Company Christmas Party’s.

I am going to put this out right now, I do not personally like Company Christmas party’s, actually, I totally think they are a  waste of time and money in this day and age, and what is it with ugly Christmas sweater Party’s? Now if you had an ugly Christmas slipper party, I may be interested but the sweater thing, no thank you.  And anyway Christmas should always be for the  kids and those that truly have faith in the reason for the Holiday in the first place and should be celebrated as such, but not as a reason to get drunk, spread gossip and spend money on others that we can barely survive 8 hours a day with. The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the Birth of Christ and spend time with family and friends and should not be about what can I get the boss this year. Don’t you think that the Boss has enough already? Even though I have thought about getting my boss a water pistol filled with Bourbon and if any fellow employees are reading this I could always use a coffee mug that has a saying on it, something like BRING ME A COFFEE AND KEEP ‘EM COMING. But back to my point, does Shirley in accounting really need a $15 gift card to Starbucks?  Let’s be real here folks, this time of the year we should be thinking of those who are needier than we are, those Children that may not get Christmas as we know it, those that are struggling to make ends meet and could use a donation of a Turkey or Ham, coats, gloves, boots etc. Fred the computer guy can do without a new Sun-catcher in the shape of Bill Gates, but a donation of $20 dollars in his name to a children’s charity would go a long way towards a little piece of mind for all.  Is it too much to ask that instead of a Secret Santa you can all get together and make a donation to the food bank or the Salvation Army? It will help someone less fortunate and allow you to truly experience the Joy of Christmas.  So to all my Readers and yes even to those that don’t agree with my views I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Safe and happy Holiday Season. 

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  1. Elvis says:

    A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.


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