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I don’t want to be known as that crabby old man of Hespeler,after all, there are plenty of us on this side of the 401 but I do have some legitimate things to get off my chest and it is time for the Rest of Cambridge to read about them.

I hate some of our new vocabulary in this city after all printing lol is one thing, but I actually heard someone laugh at a joke someone made and say lol, really? Is it too hard to say that was funny you actually have to shorten it when speaking?   And what ever happened to say you plan to spend time with your family, these days some people say Famjam instead of family, what the heck is that?  Can you not just say I am going to spend the weekend with my family, too complicated for you? Sheesh .  And whatever happened to Husband and Wife? Now it seems people are calling each other Wifey-Poo and Hubby Poo, I guess they do not want to get too personal with each other in public, I don’t know about you readers but I prefer my wife to call me the Complaint Receptacle over Hubby Poo.  I often wonder about people that say they are so happy they could die, I am no English scholar, but I am very certain that those two statements don’t belong together, but then again saying everything is awesome is just as irritating.  And guys, do you have to say bro to each other? Unless he is actually your brother I find it another useless saying just like saying 24/7 or someone saying I am over it, because if you have to say you are over it, most likely you are not.  And one I hear constantly is NOM NOM NOM, which I guess means someone is Hungry, just ask for food you morons, it is easier and gets better results around me, and when did the word Phat start meaning good and what the heck is Throwing Shade?  Apparently, it is the new way of describing when you have an attitude about something, hell if I know. There are hundreds of words that I don’t even understand, words like Turnt which is supposedly an expression of being excited, how about Yasss, any idea what that means? Well I will tell you, it means yes…can you not just say yes?  But I am not going to let my generation off easy either as there are some sayings from our past that in retrospect are just as weird, A feather in his cap….o.k., if any guy in my neighborhood growing up put a feather in his cap we would have beat him up.  As I stated I don’t want to sound too miserable so off I go into the sunset to grumble and complain some more, heck I am sounding like Walter Matthau again, and speaking of the grumpy old man, Mark Gibson ,I am still waiting for that Walter Matthau T-Shirt you promised me.





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