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I had a Sister In Law that for years thought Hold Me closer Tony Danza was an actual line from Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, but that is not the worst of what has been misinterpreted  by many of us while sitting around a Drunken Bush Party on a Saturday Night.   I’ve heard Electric Boobs and Mohair Shoes replace Electric Boots and a Mohair suit in Elton’s Bennie and the Jet’s, heck what got me started on this was a discussion on Facebook about Mony Mony and what was being sang, Da Pony was not quite what was being song, Ride a Pony would be correct. Some songs were just so unintelligible that deciphering what they say was almost impossible so anything you sang would work well. The Hollie’s Long Cool Women( In a Black dress) is a perfect example of that theory, just what the hell does Allan Clarke sing anyway?

We all know the Jimi Hendrix classic misheard lyric, Scuse me while I kiss this guy, Cher’s Hit song Gypsy’s Tramps and Thieves has been misheard as chimpanzees and every night they lay the monkey down. and how did Robert Palmers Addicted to Love wind up with a lyric like, might as well face it your a dick with a glove? Could it be a song about Alex Rodriguez?  While sitting around a campfire a few years ago I swore I heard some singing a Madonna song and using the Lyric,like a Virgin touched for the 36th time, it could happen I guess.  Toto’s song Africa is apparently about Outer space according to some, there’s nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever do, interesting idea that is for sure. Some of the greatest songs are mangled while drinking among friends, REM’s Losing my religion has been turned into, Let’s pee in the corner, Let’s pee in the spotlight, which when you think about it is not a bad idea late on a Saturday Night, and the Rolling stones beast of Burden get’s a re-write after a few funny cigarettes with it becoming I’ll never leave your pizza burnin’.  Another song with a number of mis-heard lyrics is Manfred Mann’s Earth Bands version of Bruce Springsteen’s Blinded By the Light, On Springsteens version the lyrics are very clear, but when Manfred Mann covered it for their classic 1976 version it left a lot of us unsure of what was being said.  You look like Medusa with hair Rollers in the Night?  I was wrapped up like  douche in the night?  Eddie Money apparently has two chicks and a pair of dice, and Bryan Adams apparently had his first real sex dream in the summer of 69. I could go on forever, and everyone has their own misheard lyric that intrigues them I am sure, oh well at least I know the words to O Canada…Oh Canada,We stand on cars and freeze.

2 thoughts on “Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

  1. Elvis says:

    The Four Tops song “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got” sounded like “Ain’t No Woman Like The One Eyed Got”

    The words to “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen were so blurred that hardly anyone could decipher them and were considered sexual in nature and the song was banned in may areas across the USA.

    1. Elvis says:

      Oops: That should be “many [not may] areas across the USA”

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