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At the end of April our family suffered a loss that still affects us a month later, our family Shih tzu, Lucky passed away just days shy of his 15th Birthday and while physically we may have moved on emotionally we still have moments when we forget he is gone which causes us both pain and laughter.  The other morning as I slipped out of bed I tripped over a pillow that had fallen on the floor and for some strange reason I blurted  out ” Damn you Lucky, why are you laying there” and of course I felt a little foolish when my wife reminded me that he was gone and a little sad as well. There are other things that have caused us to remember him, we have no one to feed our pizza crusts to, I find myself still hurrying home from work to walk the little fella and then being disappointed that I can’t.  My wife still will make an extra piece of toast for him and occasionally she thinks she still hears him coming down the stairs, I have even gone into the pet section of the store I am in to see what goodies they have for him. But it was time to move on and we decided that we will not jump into having another dog as a companion right away so we considered a cat but quickly dispensed of that idea for now, so we settled on feeding the wild birds that are in and around our trees that are located near our front porch,hell it seemed like a simple enough scenario,boy was I wrong. Just trying to find a good bird feeder at a decent price was tough enough, dog dishes are really cheap in comparison and then you have to find a place to hang it where the squirrels won’t get at it and if that is not enough when you find the perfect spot you realize that you can’t see it because of all the leaves and the search continues until you find a happy medium. Then it is on to the bird seed,again not cheap to get the good stuff but after hours of searching I found a good price and a decent size, one that I thought would last me at least a month…boy was I wrong. The little suckers went through that like a City Councillor through a budget, a big bag lasted less than a week, heck the same size Dog Food bag would last two months with Lucky and even worse was the mess that the birds leave behind, all over the ground and into our garden,guess the location was not the best. We have gone through more birdseed than I thought possible but the relaxation factor of watching the little guys flying around does take my mind off our loss, but it appears I better head back out to get some more seed, I think there is a sparrow with a shotgun staring at us.

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