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Lady’s, please do not take this the wrong way but I am wondering if there is indeed a Nagging Hall Of Fame, after all we have countless Sports Hall of Fames, The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, an Electronics Hall Of Fame, there is a Miners Hall Of Fame and even a stupid Crooks Hall Of Fame but I can not find a nagging Hall Of Fame but if there was I would nominate my Wife for it, now I love my wife and I am sure she loves me and puts up with me on a daily basis but some nagging is Hall Of Fame material. After all how many times can you nag someone about putting down the toilet seat, goodness gracious, after all I go to the bathroom a lot more than she does so I am in effect saving her from sitting on a wet seat at 3am.  And she is definitely a Hall Of Famer when it comes to back seat driving, yes I do know where I am going in a strange city and do not need to ask for directions every 2 blocks. And really  I am going to wear those pants and socks again tomorrow so throwing them on top of the Laundry hamper instead of in it is actually me using my time more efficiently in the morning and she always bugs me about efficiency around the house, and as for nagging me about spending more time together, shes the one who wont watch the Leafs games with me( she says it’s something about a grown man screaming at a TV turns her off).  And why does a bathtub need to be cleaned after I use it? I come out clean, I am  sure the tub is too. And I am not sure if my wife understands the costs of some things these days, she is constantly on my back to empty the garbage cans and take out the trash but most times the bags are not full so it is a waste to take them out 3/4 full, there is always room for a little more garbage in them, see, I save us money and she still nags. My wife is constantly on me about expiry dates on the Sour Cream and other dairy product containers in the refrigerator but she never believes me when I tell her that those are suggestions not drop dead dates, and they have not hurt me yet. You can’t see the dead ants that are hidden under the fridge so why nag about it, If I try moving the fridge to allow her to clean under it I might throw out my back and be forced to confine myself to the couch thereby making her wait on me, see I saved her aggravation right there. So  I am actually helping her a lot but she doesn’t see it that way, but do wives ever?

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