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Most of my top 50 are from bands and artists that time has forgotten and have just a cult following today, but as the title of this one suggests occasionally the top artists have albums that seem to fall out of favour or just seem to be ignored by radio programmers and occasional fans, but are remembered fondly by the die-hard fans. Here are 3 examples of that theory.

THE CAPTAIN AND THE KID..Elton John(2006) It’s a long time to release a follow-up to a hit album( Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy 1975), but that is what this album is all about. It basically tells the tale of Elton and Bernies last 30 years in the music business and while it did hit the top 20 in North America it had real radio airplay and the quickly dropped off the charts. However the album contained some of Elton’s best work in the last 20 years including”The Bridge“, and the continuing saga of “The Captain and the Kid“. Well worth a listen or two.

‘TIL YOUR RIVER RUNS DRY…Eric Burdon(2013) Thats right the Animals front man is still active and in 2013 he released this album that showed he can still sing with the best of them but like so many of our treasured performers, modern day music stations and the record companies ignored this album, which is a shame as it contained some of his best work in the last 20 years. “27 Forever”, “Old Habits Die hard” and “Water” are just 3 of the best off this collection, in his early ’70s Eric Burdon still has it.

HYMNS TO THE SILENCE…Van Morrison(1991) Gloria, Moondance, and it Stoned me, Brown Eyed Girl and Domino are just some of the songs that the average Music fan can name that were written and performed by Van the Man, but very few can actually name anything off of the album Hymns to the silence, and that is a shame because this album that deals with his relationship with the music business and his longing for the past is as solid as any of his major albums. It barely broke the top 100 in North America hitting #99 for a few weeks and had no singles released but it is an album I still listen to in it’s entirety and while it is definitely a spiritual album I find myself refreshed after listening to it. Some of the material is traditional like “Be Thou My Vision” while others are out and out attacks on the music industry “Professional Jealousy” and “I’m Not Feeling It Anymore” while “Hyndford Street” and  in particular “Take me Back” will have you imagining times gone by, even if you weren’t there.


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