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What can I say, SPARKS may not be a big name today but during my high school years they released some amazingly different albums that even then did not get radio play. KIMONO MY HOUSE along with PROPAGANDA was released in 1974, and was a pop oriented album that cashed in on the Glam rock sound coming from England, as a matter of fact it was recorded in England to get that sound right. Ron and Russell Mael were a unique duo with a look that had to be seen to be believed, Ron Mael was the songwriter and Keyboard player and Russell was the lead singer who had a very distinct voice and along with some very intelligent lyrics the songs just jumped out at you and made you pay attention. In The U.K and Europe The Album reached #4 on the charts with the song “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us” reaching #2, however in North America it didn’t break into the top 100, and while ‘This Town” along with “Amateur Hour” and “Talent Is An Asset” were released as singles on this side of the pond they failed to make any waves, while later in the year “Propaganda” was released and was more successful in North America and on its own is a very good album as well. As for “Kimono My House”, both Morrissey and Kurt Cobain have listed this album as one of their all time favorites and for the professional critics? Well this review in a 1974 issue of Creem Magazine say’s it all”it is the duty of every music-loving person on this planet to hunt, track down and grrrrab this album and hold on to it like nothing else. Arguably the most shameful spot on American musical reputation is that the American public tastes forced these guys to flee their homeland. Repent, citizens of America! Repent now before it’s too late! The Lord has already signed a pact with the Maels! Would ye better abide the snare of Satan?   Works for me.

The Album

1 This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of us

2 Amateur Hour

3 Falling in Love With Myself Again

4 Here in Heaven

5 Thank God It’s Not Christmas

6 Hasta Mañana Monsieur
7 Talent Is an Asset
8 Complaints
9 In My Family
10  Equator                                               Oh, and did I mention their appearance?
The Album Cover

The Album Cover


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