The Cooper Street Relic

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I’ve seen the morning rise
I’ve seen the children smile
I’ve seen the depths of despair
I’ve seen people laughing trying hard not to care

They tell me the times are bad
The economy is in free fall
They may be the worst times we have had
They tell me things are not good at all
But I’ve seen the morning rise

Children snatched from their parents hands
Innocents die so gangs can settle scores
Our heroes die in some far away land
on the horizon is another War
But I’ve seen the Morning rise

The Jackboots are still heard in the eerie mist
The Brownshirts salute an era gone by
The citizens walk silently
they mumble and sigh
Fear is gripping parts of the old land
But I’ve seen the Morning Rise

History repeats itself
Over and over again
The Young don’t listen to the Old
The Old just ignore the Young
And we wind up settling everything
At the point of a million guns
And as I go to bed I pray
That Tomorrow, I’ll see the Morning Rise

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