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Twice a year I clean my dresser and my closet and dump the clothes that are worn or have lost their shape and in some cases just don’t appeal to me anymore. And since winter is coming up it was time to go through my summer shirts and my t-shirts and toss what I didn’t want anymore, or at least what my wife felt I didn’t need anymore.  And that is when i realized at 57 years of age I am truly not a teenager anymore when it comes to clothes, and i should add a little disheartening as well.  As I looked through my old t’s there was not a single RUSH t-shirt among them, no KANSAS, no MAX WEBSTER t-shirt with the logo peeling off in little patches, no LED ZEPPELIN Hermit t-shirt and I will admit, it made me a little sad to see what i had, instead of ZZ Top I had some dude on a t-shirt with a beard but it was from a TV show about Ducks or something.  There was no shirt with a peace symbol on it, but one about keeping calm or something like that, I no longer have a Grateful Dead shirt but I do have a shirt that say’s I’m grateful I’m still above ground, not exactly counterculture is it? My Dress pastel colors, no Elvis type collars just sound bland middle age shirts that if I was in a group of others you wouldn’t be able to pick me out of a crowd.  And worse than that my winter stock of clothes are even worse to imagine, My old Red Ernies sweatshirt from the 80’s?   the one with a circle on the front with the word Ernies in the middle,long gone, it has been replaced by a nondescript grey Cardigan, all I need is a pipe and as my grandson calls them”old man slippers”, right now my Dad is most likely looking down at me and laughing his ass off. And I can’t forget the full piece pajamas and the hats with ear flaps attached, or the shoes and boots that i wear for comfort not for style. But as for the t-shirts I guess those days are behind me and I must get used to the plain white and the black and the red after all I cant be wearing a “I drive a Plymouth Duster” shirt when in fact I drive a Chrysler, of course I could get a shirt that says “Shed Wars” on it, that may be cool, in reality though I should probably get one that says “Old Guy’s USED to Rule”.  But what it comes down to is the fact that like many I missed the boat on a great opportunity, on E-Bay they are selling a RUSH 70’s era t-shirt for $125, damn, well at least I still have my Replica Neil Diamond Hot August Night shirt that I paid 40 bucks for..anybody know where I can find a Walter Matthau T-shirt?

2 thoughts on “I Used To Wear It Well

  1. David Einwechter says:

    Dead on, I love this one

  2. Anonymous says:

    You had better make sure that when Dale does her side of the closet she doesn’t get carried away and throw the old guy on the other side of the bed out with the out of date clothes.

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