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The title of this story refers to two of my favorite woman in the world of popular music. One is very well-known while the other may be known to some but not to most music fans except for the truly hard-core fans. Stevie is of Course Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame while the Annie is Annie Haslam a British singer songwriter of immense talent. They both have a lot in common, they came to fame as members of a popular act, Nicks with Fleetwod mac and Haslam with Renaissance a progressive rock band of the early 70’s, Annie was born in June of 1947 while Stevie was born less than a year later in May 1948. They have both been involved with fellow musicians that influenced their respective careers, Nicks was dating Lindsay Buckingham when they both joined Fleetwood Mac while Haslam was engaged for 4 years to Roy Wood an English Musician and the man who Produced her first solo album in 1977,  Stevie Nicks has released 7 solo albums and Annie Haslam has released 8. The two also have a few small things in common including the way they moved and the attire that they wore during their 70’s period, Stevie Nicks is known for her mystical image, her billowing chiffon skirts, shawls, layers of lace and long blonde hair, Annie Haslam had almost the same look during her day’s with Renaissance, and Both Woman battled health problems during their careers, Haslam with breast Cancer and Nicks with Drug addiction. While Stevie has enjoyed a more high-profile music career, Annie has nothing to be ashamed of as to her fans it is just as important. but you can be the judge of that.

Stevie Nicks 1974

Annie 1976

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