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I know that Governments make a lot of mistakes and get blamed for some that they don’t make, and so I have come up with a few things that i am blaming on the Mayor and his Council.

Canadian Idol- Someone has to take the fall for that irritating talent less laden piece of drivel. Why not out Mayor?

Conservatives( or liberals if you swing that way).–blaming politicians for politicians just seems an easier answer than anything else I can come up with.

Global Warming–This one pretty well answers itself, toxins being spewed into the air from City hall. Seems obvious to me.

Spam–Both the meat product and the internet kind. Of course, this one may be more of a Gary Goodyear thing.

Justin Beiber’s Success–I can’t seem to find any other reason, so let’s blame it on the council.

That Annoying Deja Vu thing–Of course this could be an oxymoron, I mean ANNOYING..and Making the same mistakes over and over…sounds like government.

That Annoying…wow, I feel like I wrote this one already

Windows Vista–Was there anything as F@#$#k up as that, sounds like something we can realistically blame on the city council.

Ugly Naked People–I mean there is one looking back at me right now..wait, that is just a mirror. Sorry about that.

The Snuggie–One of the most stupid inventions I have ever seen. Surely something that dumb has to have been invented by the same people who brought us the Drayton theater. I definitely blame this one on the mayor himself.

The dishes not being done. I blame Ward two councilor Rick Cowsill for this one, now if I can just convince my wife of that I would be happy. How about it Rick, want to take the blame for that one?

So there a few things that I feel can be blamed on the city council, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled Apocalypse.

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