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The nickname, we have all had one at some time in our lives and every town and city between the Atlantic and the Pacific has some very colourful and interesting ones. Sometimes there are story’s behind the nickname, sometimes a last name get’s twisted and becomes a nickname. I mean in my family almost all of us as far back as I can find were called Bucky, my Grandfather, my dad and his brother my brother and myself, my Hillis cousins, we all called Bucky at one time or another, As a matter of fact my Cousin Doug has called his dog bucky. When I was younger I got nicknamed Ribsy, don’t ask why. Here in Hespeler we have a long history of nicknames, some great and some kinda strange. Here are a few of the nicknames from the past

Clint Amacher…Yummy

Lawrence Arsenault…Weenie..i would like to know the history on that one

George Baird…Goo

Lorne Baker…Peggy..wonder how that one happened
Jim Bell…Ding Dong…i think that one is funny
Richard Duff…Dick… a Leaf fan?
Dan Donahue..Motor Mouth
Phil Dugmore..Dink…having worked for him I won’t comment
Cameron Einwechter…Einie
Ralph Ireland..Pooper…yea, that is one I wouldn’t want
Ethel McLaughlin…Flash…this was my Mom’s sister and Ethel got the name for being a speed walker( I hope)
Burt Pierce…Stiff…the girls really liked him
Reg Prior…Tin pipe
Robt. Prior…Horse…refer to Burt Pierce
Clarence Stahlbaum…Tiny…he was my Dad’s best friend, and Tiny he was not.
Fred Stewart..Flashlight…He was Chief of Police, and that flashlight shone in my direction a few times
Stan Stoddart…Slip
Ross Westwood..Borris
Eldon Wilkinson…Waxy
Carl Zvaniga…Skin
Some other nicknames over the years that were hung on people included..pugsly,Woody,Pecky,Minh,Heinie,Auld Tam,Red,Jiggs,porkchop and Gravy. But by far my favourite nickname when I was growing up was the one that Wes Beaver had, he was called “Mayor of Beaverdale”.
So what was your nickname?  And I know in Galt and Preston there has to be thousands, so what were they?  It is always fun to find out.

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