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As we grow older we tend to be reminded of things in the past by the simplest things, it can be a movie, book and in my case by music.  And there are 3 songs that when I hear them I am sent back to that summer of 72, and while they are not Rock and Roll classics they are what memory’s are made of.  So you can imagine a warm summers night, a Dr.Pepper on Ice and CFTR on the Radio, and these three songs were staples that summer.

Saturday In The Park..Chicago: This is the song from the ChicagoV album that I first heard when my Brother-In-Law Norm gave me a homemade 8 track player and that 8 Track along with it, and play it I did. Right from the opening notes it grabbed me and remained with me all that summer.

Dancing In The Moonlight..King Harvest: In July of’ ’72 this song was released and became the perfect summer night, campfire song. It had a wicked Wurlitzer Organ sound and a message that appealed to me and when I hear it today while at a cottage my feet start tapping and It takes me back.

Nice To be With You…Jim Gold Gallery: That’s right, this piece of fluff is still in my playlist and a song constantly reminds me of the last carefree summer that I had. It’s simple and short and  honest and the 45 was always on the record player.

There are a few other songs that take me back as well,Go All The Way by the Raspberries, Brandy by Looking Glass and Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group,to name a few, but those first three always bring me back.

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