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I have a real affinity for the music I grew up with and while I listen to many of the new artists that come along, I tend to drift back to the music that affected me the most, and I am sure that is obvious to those that are regular readers of my site.  And when it comes to my musical tastes it is not always mainstream music that I listened to, there are many artists that perhaps are not as well-known to the general public and that is what my latest adventure in writing is going to be about, introducing many to the unique and the perhaps not ready for radio artists. Some are long gone, some have passed away recently( R.I.P. Johnny Winter) while some continue to perform and entertain their fans. And so let’s get on with the show.

Colin Blunstone is an Interesting name in the music business, more than likely if you grew up listening to music in the late 60’s and into the 70’s you would know him, well not him personally, but his voice would be instantly recognizable to almost everyone.  He was the voice of the great British Band The Zombies and was the lead singer on Tell Her No, She’s Not There, and Time Of The Season, all recorded between 1964 and 1969.  His voice has been described as “Wistful and Plaintive”, and along with his friend Rod Argent the Zombies were a very successful act in the 60’s, but like many bands they split up and while Rod Argent had commercial success with his new band Argent ( Hold your Head Up and God gave Rock and Roll to You) Colin was successful in his own right releasing over 10 solo albums and working with other bands like The Alan Parson’s Project and Steve Hackett. While he may not have had the success in North America that many crave, he has managed to carve out a solid career in Europe where he still performs today,as a solo act and sometimes with a reunited Manfred Mann and with his old friend Rod Argent where they use the Zombies name once again, his last album was released in 2012 called On The Air Tonight.  Some of his songs to look up include Caroline Goodbye, She Loves the way they Love her,Say You don’t Mind, How could We Dare To be Wrong and Miles Away, all unique and ultimately satisfying.

While his solo material may not classify him as a “Rock and Roller” his style and his voice still is well worth a listen, because with all the clatter that is out there, at the end of the day he is a tranquil moment of peace, musically speaking.

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