The Cooper Street Relic

Just another blog from The Republic Of Hespeler

The wind blows softly through the trees
No sound is heard in this place
The names are forever etched in stone
Here it doesn’t matter what your age sex or race

The benches sit waiting for family and friends
For a moment or two they reminisce
The residents here are not worried about recent trends
They rest peacefully knowing they are missed

Row after Row of History lays
In the ground that has been blessed
No more pain or suffering infiltrate their days
As Mother Earth is the one they caress

You can almost hear them talking
Just be quiet and open your mind
Sit and listen and you will soon find
That someone will always be with you walking
As you go silently through the grave Yard
You just have to look for the signs
For someday they will welcome us all
With Open Arms

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