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With Summer almost upon us, I have put together a list of my 31 songs of summer. Now this has no scientific research or polling, just the songs I like about summer, or songs that when I hear them I think of summer. Yes, they are all from the past, but damn it, these are what I listen to, so feel free to suggest others that are newer and perhaps by next summer, I may be listening to them.  Now, why 31 songs you may ask, well with July and August having 31 day’s, it just seemed like a right number. Plus with so many to choose from I had a tough time getting it down from there.  So here they are, the top 31 of Summer.

31. Highway Star-Deep Purple===not really a summer song but one that you can roll down the windows and blast away

30. Thunder Island-Jay Ferguson==A great beach song

29. Hot August Night-Neil Diamond==The atmosphere of this song is so good you can almost see Brother Loves traveling Salvation Show

28. I get around-Beach Boys==No summer list is complete without the beach boys.

27. Stoned Soul Picnic-Laura Nyro==”Can you Surry,can you picnic” Laura ask so sexually on this song, that a summer picnic is what you want.

26.-Beautiful Sunday-Daniel Boone==Not really about summer, but brings about memory’s of warm Sunday day’s in the summer

25. Sweet City Woman-The Stampeders==A song that is so full of joy, you just can’t help feeling that summer is what it is about

24. Summer in the city Loving Spoonful==A dark but great song about the other side of summer

23. Summer Breeze-Seals and Crofts==The answer to the Loving Spoonful

22. Under the Boardwalk-The Drifters==I can taste the hotdogs from here

21.Sunshine Superman-Donovan==”Sunshine came softly upon my window today”

20. Beach Baby-First Class==A song about young summer love, something we all have had

19. Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochran==There ain’t no cure, but write an infectious song about it and that helps.

18. Hot Fun in the Summertime-Sly and the Family Stone==One of those slow rhythm and blues songs that keeps our toes tapping

17. Saturday in the Park-Chicago==”People laughing, people smiling, a man selling ice cream”

16. Indian lake-The Cowsills==Substitute any local lake or swimming hole and this song is about that.

15. Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffett==C’mon, you knew this song was going to be on here somewhere, Damn Parrot Heads.

14. California Sun-The Rivieras==Just makes you want to dance

13. The Party-Max Webster==”Were all here for a celebration” no list from my generation would be complete without the Max Machine

12.Low Rider-War==Sitting around with our souped up cars, and the cowbell at the beginning of this song shouted summer.

11. Sunny Day’s-Lighthouse==Laying around in my backyard, sipping a Dr.Pepper “There’s nothing better for your soul, than laying in the sun and listening to Rock and Roll”

10.Centerfield-John Fogerty==The best song ever about the great game of Baseball.

9. Dancing in the streets-Martha and the Vandellas==Right from the start this song grabs you and makes you want to be outside.

8. Sunny Afternoon-The Kinks==Great melody equals a great summer moment

7. In the Summertime-Mungo Jerry==A jug band playing rock and roll, a summer classic

6. Summertime-Billy Stewart==There are hundreds of versions of this old classic but Billy Stewart makes it his own.

5. Heat Wave-Martha and the Vandellas==Another great one from Martha

4. California Girls-The beach Boys==Heck, they could have all top ten, but that wouldn’t be fun would it?

3. Schools out-Alice Cooper==When I was in High School this was the song that was always played on the last day of School. A great summertime moment.

2. Long Cool Woman(in a black dress)The Hollies==I still can’t understand all the words that they sing, but when this plays the windows go down in the car and the stereo gets louder. Not about summer but it feels like it.

1. Wipeout-The Safaris==Beach, guitars and let’s face it, who hasn’t banged their fingers on the desk pretending you are doing the drumming at the beginning of this song. To me, when I hear this song in the dead of winter I smile cause I know summers coming.

Well, that is my list so pick it apart and let me know.

5 thoughts on “31 Songs of Summer

  1. Elvis says:

    The Warmth of the Sun does it for me. Its the “B” side of the Beach Boys single Dance Dance Dance. This Brian Wilson/Mike Love composition is something one can get lost in on a hot summer day.


  2. James Hillis says:

    Any Beach Boys tune can do it, but warmth of the sun is a great one.

  3. Elvis says:

    One Summer Night: The Danleers. 1958
    You just have to have a Doo-Wop summer song and here is the best. Makes you feel real cool on a hot summer night

  4. James Hillis says:

    I can always count on you Elvis to add to my list. lol

    1. Elvis says:

      Thank you, thank you very much.

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