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Want to create a controversy?  Start with a music list. That is what I am going to do now, to hell with political debates, two things can cause the blood to boil and cause rational adults to lose it, Sport debates and Music.   And I love both but  here we will debate music and in particular the greatest Pop song of my life span. Now this is an area that covers a lot of ground and includes a lot of music, but again I stress this is my list not a scientific journal or an attempt to overthrow the programming of Classic Rock radio.  So here goes, my list of the 3 songs that I consider the best of the best.  I have spent a number of weeks whittling this thing down and actually threw out some really good songs while I was at it, but I finally settled on the top 3.

3. Bridge over Troubled Water..Simon and Garfunkel(1970)  These guy’s made beautiful music together but it really wasn’t hard to select this one song as their best, a song that was #1 in North America for 6 weeks. The song is a slow piece that   crashes down near the end and sounds almost angelic, it evokes almost a gospel sound and in fact was covered by Aretha Franklin as a gospel song. Elvis Presley recorded it and performed it often.  It still sounds fresh today and as such it is on the list.

2.London Calling..The Clash(1979)  This song has everything, a political message, a bit of reggae,electric guitars and a beat that keeps you hooked from start to finish. The title alludes to the BBC World Service’s station identification: “This is London calling …”, which was used during World War II, often in broadcasts to occupied countries. It deals with the Three Mile island nuclear crisis and Joe Strummer put it “We felt that we were struggling about to slip down a slope or something, grasping with our fingernails. And there was no one there to help us.  And in  1979 as we came out of the Disco madness this song blasted from everywhere and is #2 on my list.

1.Good Vibrations..The Beach Boy’s(1966).  Okay, let the controversy begin. Yes I truly believe that this song is the best pop song ever. The distinctive sound of it, the fact that the Boy’s sound like they are having way too much fun on it and let’s face it, when this song get’s played, Summer is all you can think of, even if it is mid winter. I know it is crazy but I always come back to this song when I need a pick me up, or a little boost of spirits and of course most Bar Bands don’t play this one which keeps it fresh in my mind.

Now, I could have had others on there, Imagine by John Lennon was there, Hey Jude by The Beatles, Lady Stardust by Bowie and even Smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana were among the finalist’s but it came down to those three. So? What are your favorite songs of all time?  Let me know.


4 thoughts on “Looking Out for #1

  1. Elvis says:

    Greatest Pop song of all time? Will have to work on this one. Pop music has become a generic term for many musical styles such as Rock ‘n Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Motown, and even Country & Western when the tune becomes a cross-over hit. From the King of Rock ‘n Roll to the Prince of Pop let the controversy begin.

  2. Steve W. says:

    I would have Imagine as my #1, Suspicious minds as #2 but i agree with bridge as #3. keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your music posts.

  3. Elvis says:

    Yes “Suspicious Minds”, considered by many as the career comeback tune for Elvis. Released in 1968 it reached number 1 in the US and Canada and number 2 in the UK. I would place it number 1 in my top 3.

    Number 2:” A whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum with its haunting tune, partly inspired by JS Bach, and its mystical lyrics. The ultimate slow dance pop tune.

    Number 3 “I Saw Her Standing There” The Beatles. McCartney/Lennon tune with the “1,2,3,4” lead in makes you feel you are at a live performance. You can’t help but stomp your feet and move with its rocking beat.

    These would be my favourites for today. Tomorrow is another day!

    Ty, tyvm,

  4. Elvis says:

    I am still working on “tomorrow’s” list, but stick with my previous posting. For now anyways!

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