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What would you call an album that has John Lennon,Paul McCartney,George Harrison and Ringo Starr on it, in the 1960’s you would have called it a Beatles album and the first 3 would have been the main contributors but in 1973 Apple Records released an album that had the above 4 plus contributions from others such as Billy Preston,Klaus Vormann,Marc Bolan,Robbie Robertson,Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Harry Nillson to name a few. The Album was called RINGO  and was the 3rd post Beatles album by Ringo Starr but the first to contain new material written by Ringo. He had released “It Don’t come Easy” and ” Back Off Boogaloo” the year previously but they were just one off singles and had no album attached to them, so this was in fact his first truly Solo Album and one that I fell in love with immediately and still occasionally listen to today.

RINGO became a top selling album of the year and peaked at #2 on the Billboard top 100 and #1 in the RPM charts here in Canada and with good reason. The album was a lively bouncy affair and of course having all the Beatles didn’t hurt its cause, but they just didn’t pop in and play they also wrote songs for their former drummer. John Lennon wrote “I’m The Greatest” a song that references Ringo directly and actually calls him Billy Shears.  George Harrison along with Ringo wrote “Photograph” while Harrison also wrote “Sunshine life For me”. Paul McCartney wrote “Six O’clock” one of the best songs on the album. Ringo wrote 4 songs as well with “oh,My,My” perhaps being the best of his own contributions.

RINGO contains some of Starr’s best work and as you can tell by the list of musicians that were involved was a precursor to his current Bands that contain many of Rock and Rolls brightest musicians. Oh, and the producer of the album? Richard Perry, who has worked with some of the best in the music business.  The Album produced 3 singles, PHOTOGRAPH, YOU’RE SIXTEEN and OH,MY,MY which were all certified gold. Not bad for the funny one of the band.  So if you are looking for something interesting and unique to listen to, this album won’t disappoint.

Side one
“I’m the Greatest” (John Lennon) – 3:21
Ringo Starr – lead vocal, drums; John Lennon – piano, harmony vocal; Billy Preston – organ; George Harrison – electric guitars; Klaus Voormann – bass
“Have You Seen My Baby” (Randy Newman) – 3:44
Starr – lead vocal, drums; James Booker – piano; Marc Bolan – electric guitar; Voormann – bass; Jim Keltner – drums; Milt Holland – percussion; Tom Scott – horns

“Photograph” (George Harrison, Starkey) – 3:56
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Harrison – harmony vocal, electric guitars; Bobby Keyes – tenor sax; Vini Poncia, Jimmy Calvert – acoustic guitars; Nicky Hopkins – piano; Voormann – bass; Keltner – drums; Lon and Derrek Van Eaton – percussion; Jack Nitzsche – orchestral and choral arrangements
“Sunshine Life for Me (Sail Away Raymond)” (Harrison) – 2:45
Starr – lead vocal, drums, percussion; Harrison – guitar, backing vocals; Robbie Robertson – guitar; Levon Helm – mandolin; Rick Danko, – fiddle; David Bromberg – banjo, fiddle; Garth Hudson – accordion, Voormann – double bass
“You’re Sixteen” (Bob Sherman/Dick Sherman) – 2:48
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Poncia, Calvert – guitars; Hopkins – piano; Voormann – bass; Paul McCartney – kazoo; Harry Nilsson – backing vocals; Linda McCartney – backing vocals
Side two
“Oh My My” (Poncia/Starkey) – 4:16
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Poncia – harmony vocal; Calvert – guitar; Preston – piano, organ; Voormann – bass; Keltner – drums; Scott – saxophone solo, arrangements; Jim Horn – arrangements; Martha Reeves, Merry Clayton – backing vocals
“Step Lightly” (Starkey) – 3:15
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Steve Cropper – electric guitar; Calvert – acoustic guitar; Hopkins – electric piano; Voormann– bass; Scott – clarinet arrangement
Features the tapdancing of ‘Richard Starkey, M.B.E.’
“Six O’Clock” (P. McCartney/L. McCartney)[39] – 4:06
Starr – lead vocal, drums; P. McCartney – piano, synthesizer, string and flute arrangements, backing vocal; Poncia – guitar, percussion; Voormann – bass; L. McCartney – backing vocal
“Devil Woman” (Poncia/Starkey) – 3:50
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Calvert – guitar; Tom Hensley – piano; Voormann – bass, backing vocal; Keltner – drums; Chuck Findley, Scott – horns; Richard Perry – backing vocal
“You and Me (Babe)” (Harrison/Mal Evans) – 4:59
Starr – lead vocal, drums; Harrison – electric guitar; Poncia – acoustic guitar; Hopkins – electric piano; Holland – marimba; Scott – horn arrangements; Nitzsche – string arrangements


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