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Someone has to do it, why not me? Or so I thought as I sat down to ponder what has gone on in this city for the last few Years. We need someone who can walk the streets at night and bring fear into the evildoers of this fine city, someone with the ability to make a real cool suit look good, perhaps associated with a creature of the night,  a bat, yeah a batman for Cambridge(my wife informs me that has already been done) but what if not a Batman?  So I sat and thought about it, and I think I have come up with a few ideas and as is my want, I will share them with you the fine readers of this site.

Captain Boomerang: I do like going back to the buffet table a few times

Jump to Conclusions man: A lot of us in town do that, so why not a hero that does that?

Exact Change Man: No, that’s only good at Tim Hortons really.

Professor Prostate: Yea, I could stop the flow of crime with a single flare up

Delusions of grandeur Man: My wife’s suggestion, I don’t get it.

Bureaucrat Man: I could force Criminals to submit plans in triplicate: City council could use me for that one.

Ineffectual Middle Aged man: Again, my wife’s suggestion. Still don’t get it.

Butt Expanding man: Damn, I wish my wife would stop trying to write this thing.

Council tax man: My Spending forces taxes higher and makes villains unable to afford their evil plans.

Well, that is the best That I could come up with, and none of them suit me so I guess I will go back to being the one Superhero I can be….flatulence man.  Beware!


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