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TV Cops have always been in fashion and during the seventies there were plenty to go around, but one of the best and a personal favorite of mine was Robert Blakes Baretta.

While the premise of a lone cop with a few friends in the underworld had been done before and has been done many times since ,Baretta stood out for me, whether it was the language “You can take dat to da bank” and “And dat‘s the name of dat tune.” or that he drove  an old rusted Chevy Impala I don’t know, but the biggest gimmick was his sidekick Fred, A  Triton Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, a predecessor  perhaps to Sonny Crocketts Pet Alligator Elvis in the 1980’s show Miami Vice.  The show only ran for 4 seasons 1975-1978, but it’s combination of humour and violence caught my attention anyway.

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