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A recent discussion on the Cambridge Times about Hespeler got me thinking about Hespeler and the differences between New Hespeler and Old Hespeler.

New Hespeler call’s them Motor Homes, old Hespeler calls them drive in houses, In New Hespeler they discuss Shakespeare and call him a “BARD”, in old Hespeler we just worry that the pickup truck that our Cousin “Bard” get’s returned in good shape. A conversation in new Hespeler may discuss new Asphalt for the roads, in Old Hespeler we just wonder what that has to do with our ‘rectal problems”,  A new hespelerite mentioned a cat scan and next thing you knew there were a bunch of old Hespelerites putting together a search party to look for the lost cat. New Hespeler may worry about Murphy’s law, in old Hespeler we just worry about not getting Murphy’s lawyer, New Hespeler worry’s about Corruption in Government, we in Old Hespeler call it old-fashioned values.  A new Hespelerite say’s they are unemployed, old Hespeler calls it semi retired.  And in Old hespeler we still use terms like Nincompoop,fuddle duddle and thimamagiggy and understand what they mean.   That is my view, and you’re welcome.

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