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This is another in my series about the Woman behind the songs, but this one is a little different.
My previous story’s have been about woman who have inspired a writer to pen his thoughts but what about a woman who has inspired many artists of both sexes to write an homage to her?
Arctic City…Magic Lady..Ringing down the years..Blow Away…Queen of Peace..Where Did my Life Go…Sandy’s Song..Boadicia…Song for Sandy..Angel of Avalon and Near November are just some of the songs that have been written and recorded for just one woman.
She was Born January 6th 1947 as Alexandra Elene Maclean Denny and passed away on April 21 1978 leaving behind a legacy that to the faithful is still strong. She was known as SANDY DENNY and was known as “the pre-eminent British Folk Rock Singer”.  She was a singer and a songwriter who performed with many of the best British Musicians of her era.She performed with the Strawbs, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay she released 4 solo albums and is the only woman to have appeared on a Led Zeppelin Album, as she shared a duet with Robert Plant on “The Battle of Evermore” from Led Zeppelin lV. Judy Collins, Emmylou Harris and Cat Power are just some of the musicians who have covered Sandy’s Material and two of her most famous songs are “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” and “The Sea and Nothing More”.
Despite the accolades and the fame she seemed never to be happy and fell into a drug dependent world and had problems dealing with life, and in March of 1978 she fell and hit her head causing her to suffer intense headaches and performed one more time after the accident but her husband was concerned with her Childs welfare and Sandys erratic behaviour left Sandy and took their Daughter to Australia a few weeks after the accident. On April 17th Sandy fell into a Coma and never came out of it and died 4 days later of a Traumatic Mid-Brain Hemorrhage.  The inscription on her headstone reads, “‘The Lady'” Alexandra Elene MacLean Lucas (Sandy Denny) 6.1.47 – 21.4.78.”
To get an Idea of her Music the Box set ‘Who knows where the Time Goes”(1985) is the perfect starting point for it. But what made her such a favorite of other artists and fans alike? Her voice for one was amazing and was described by one as “like a clean glass in a sink full of dirty dishes”. While with Fairport Convention she was regarded as a key figure in the development of British Folk Rock and her songs were called glorious melody driven invocations to the power of music. She was twice voted the best British female Singer and was considered one of the most versatile vocalists in the Industry.
I first heard her around 1975 and immediately became infatuated with her music and her voice and today I still listen to her material and wonder what would have been if she had of lived. All of her solo albums have been released on Disc and are available and well worth the hunt to find them.

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