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Brushes with famous people happen with all of us, we meet millions of people in our lifetime and sooner or later we intersect with someone who can be called famous. They may not be famous at the time, but become famous later in their lives and your little encounter will be forgotten by that person but in your mind it remains. And that is the heart of this story, a brush with someone who would become famous in the Music world, Rik Emmett of the Canadian Classic Rock Band Triumph. I am sure he has forgotten this encounter, but for some strange reason I can still remember it(cue the fade out and fade in)
It was the spring of 1976 and I was a 18 year old brash kid from Hespeler with a penchant for lippiness when I drank, and in this case a lot of drink. Drinking started early on that Saturday night for the gang as we were getting ready for a great night at the Coronet Motor Hotel. Rush were playing and Max Webster were opening for them and it was going to be a Rock and Roll night for the hespeler Boy’s, and nothing was going to get in our way. We got there early to make sure we got a good table and proceeded to down a few more beers, when the news arrived that pissed me off, Max Webster had to cancel their appearance and some new Canadian band called Truimph would open the show instead. After the getting over this we proceeded to look for some women to hit on and I found one particular good looking gal that I could try my Hespeler moves on and while it was a slow process, after a few Zombies I thought I was making headway when Triumph took the stage and ruined my evening. I slagged the band through their whole set and called the lead guitarist a wimp(or something like that), which I found out was a mistake. The young lady waited till just after the set ended and as the band was leaving the stage I made another rude comment about the guitarist and the band when she threw a drink in my face and the guitarist suddenly showed up beside me. It seems that the gal was Rik Emmett’s girlfriend and he was not too happy that I was hitting on her during his entire set and upon hearing how I ripped the band, that made him even more upset and he wound up, trying to take a swing at me, I ducked and fell over backwards into the waiting arms of the bouncers, Luckily they held me back as I am sure I would have done serious damage to him and ruined the band’s career(that’s my opinion). I was quickly escorted out of the Coronet, but managed to get a little pride back as I wound up puking on the bouncers boots and after getting my bearings back after the little shot to the head he gave me,I found the Van that Triumph were driving, and of course got my revenge on them, the van wasn’t locked and let’s just say that wasn’t beer spilled on the seats. But I wound up with a hate on for Rik Emmett and the rest of the band that took me a long time to get over.

2 thoughts on “Rik and Me( A Canadian Ballad)

  1. Dave Bearing says:

    I hated Truimph too, you should have beating Emmet up!

    1. That wasn’t going to happen.

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