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For those of us over 50 we remember when Cambridge was smaller and of course 4 separate community’s but time has a way of changing things and like all good things the Times has not always been good to us. And as you look around you realize that We indeed no longer the Mayberry ( for those unsure of the term, Google it) of the area but are a fast growing Cosmopolitan City that no longer resembles what I remember it to be, and I would like to point out just a few of those things.

We have all noticed that the traffic is bad in the City, but there is another traffic that some may not of noticed and that is in the air, planes and helicopters to be exact. With the Breslau Airport,or should I say Region Of Waterloo International Airport getting busier and busier the sky’s over Cambridge are also seeing a huge increase in traffic. The other night  I counted 32 planes either coming in for a landing or taking off in just a 30 minute span and that was just from my backyard, and some of them are getting noisier than ever. I can not remember a time as a youngster seeing more that a few planes over Hespeler.

Another thing that I have noticed, and this has more to do with my aging process than anything, but I now know many of the names that are buried in our Cemetery’s and that is just a little disheartening.

As the city has grown, we seem to have gotten a little meaner and while this has a lot to do with the rise of the Internet, all you have to do is check out a few local sites and read just how cruel people in this City can be to each other.

Have you checked out the City By-Laws?  There are way more than I could ever imagine and I guess as we grow we need more governance in our daily lives, but I have to wonder what would happen today if My Dad and his buddies fired shotguns into the air on New Years eve as they used to back in the day? I think there would be a by-law against that I am sure.

But what started me writing this was an incident that occurred last week.  I work close to where I live and I walk most days too and from work. Now I live in the older section of Hespeler and on my walk home decided to take a trip through a newer section of the town. I was 3/4 of the way home when a police cruiser pulled up and asked me if I live in the area, I let him know that I did not and explained what i was doing, showed him my I.D and he was satisfied but explained that they had a call from a concerned citizen that a stranger was walking THEIR streets and looked suspicious( got me on that one).  I will admit it after 1 am but really? You can’t walk on their streets if you don’t live there?  The irony of it is that I was walking on a street named after my Uncle who died during the Second World War, so I guess we are really not in Mayberry anymore Folks. ( Even though I do tend to look like Otis when I don’t shave for a few day’s)


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