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The culture of Saturday Night is the most used theme in Music and many great films of the last 100 years, and is always the one night of the week that many working people look forward to, and that is what this post is about. Friday nights end the work week and that night seems to for many Canadians the night for friends, you go out after work, have a few wobbly pops and shoot the breeze  and unwind from a long Week, you may head to the legion or some local pub to meet up with friends and just chill. But Saturday nights have always been special in our part of the world, you may have some chores to do but by early evening it is time to party for many, but this evening is usually saved for a couples night. It may be a husband and wife going out for dinner and then a show and perhaps meeting up with another couple or two for a few drinks at a local pub, or perhaps the young man has a date and Saturday just seems like the right time to take your favorite gal out. There are more house party’s on a Saturday night than any other night of the week, and somehow The concerts you see on a Saturday seem to stand out even more. The Saturday memory’s are always a little brighter and I think that is because there is always a song to remind you of what Saturday means, and to me the music is the heart of Saturday Night.

Elton John let us know that “Saturday Night is Alright for Fighting” and the list of songs written with the title simply being “Saturday Night” is a lengthy one, with over two dozen that I can think of off  hand and the songs are by diverse artists such as the Bay City Rollers,Frank Sinatra,Earth Wind and Fire,The Eagles and Lonestar, hell there are even 6 movies with just the title Saturday Night.  Saturday Night in the summer is an especially mystic night, as sitting outside with a cold beer either at home in your backyard or at the cottage or trailer, it just seems much more calm than the rush of a Friday and add in the music and you have a perfect Night.

But what about the songs of  Saturday Night? What are the best songs? Well i have put together my top 6 Songs for a Saturday Night and as usual these are my choice from my memory banks, so don’t expect anything too modern, but why only 6 you ask? Well I started out with a list of over 30 and after the top 6 I couldn’t decide on the final 4 to make it so I just cut it down to 6, so here it goes.

6) On A Saturday Afternoon in 1963..Rickie Lee Jones—-A beautiful song about childhood in a bygone time the music is haunting and as usual the Queen of Coolsville pulls on the heartstrings with lyrics like

The most as you’ll ever go
Is back where you used to know
If grown-ups could laugh this slow
Where as you watch the hour snow
Years may go by……it may not be about Saturday Night but it still speaks of Saturday.

5). Treat me Like A Saturday Night. Joe Ely…A song about lost love, it was written by Jimmy Dale Gilmour but the Texas Folk Legend Joe Ely makes it his own with this version.

4).Sudbury Saturday Night–Stomping Tom  Oh, the girls are out to bingoAnd the boys are gettin’ stinko And we’ll think no more of Inco On a Sudbury Saturday night….need I say more about this Canadian Classic?

3) Another Saturday Night…Sam Cooke. This song has been covered by many but I always seem to go back to Sam Cooke version, it has the upbeat sound and is an all round great song for a Saturday night party(Providing of course you already have a date)

2) Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting..Elton John…A guitar driven song from Sir Elton about youth and Saturday nights, still one of his finest.

1) (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night..Tom Waits…A song about Saturday Night, cars and your favorite girl a classic song. To me the perfect Saturday night Lullaby

Well you gassed her up
And you’re behind the wheel
With your arm around your sweet one
In your Oldsmobile
Barrellin’ down the boulevard,
You’re lookin’ for the heart of Saturday night

Well There you have it, enjoy your Saturday Night everyone.

4 thoughts on “(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

  1. Elvis says:

    Love the article Jimm.
    I know you were looking at songs withe “Saturday” in the title but the first verse from the tune “Rip It Up” kind a sums it all up:
    Well, it’s Saturday night and I just got paid,
    Fool about my money, don’t try to save,
    My heart says go go, have a time,
    Saturday night and I’m feelin’ fine,

  2. jimm hillis says:

    That was my problem after the top 6. Too many songs and I couldn’t decide on the next grouping…thanks for the comment though Elvis, there are more music themed posts to come.

  3. Elvis says:

    Was “Saturday Morning Confusion” by singer/songwriter Bobby Russell on your list?


    1. jimm hillis says:

      Now That is one I didn’t know.

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