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Cambridge has Flying Monkeys? who knew. Why Flying Monkeys? Not many people know this but the “winged warriors” of Oz fame have been around the Cambridge area well before I was able to capture and tame one.  As a matter of fact, back in 1898 a young writer named Frank L. Baum was traveling through these parts promoting his book “By the Candelabras Glare.” When resting at the old train station in Hespeler waiting for his connection to Toronto he happened to catch a late night glimpse of the Monkeys teasing an old firecat and he quickly wrote down what he saw and  incorporated them into the new book he was writing called “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

The Flying Monkeys have been a part of this region for as long as there have been inhabitants but where they came from though is still a mystery, but that is not what this story is about. How and when did they become the pawns of the Cambridge City Council? You see the Monkeys were originally playful little animals as my Great-Grandfather told me once, they hung around the Speed and Grand Rivers coming out at night to cause mischief and score a few little wild animals to feed themselves, but around August of  1957 they started to disappear and did not reappear until the mid 70’s when Cambridge was formed(some say they came back to get revenge for the pollution in the rivers that drove them away) and by the time that Mayor Craig became our leader they had been transformed from playful little Primates into treacherous little buggers that would do nothing but cause trouble in our City. On April 6 1975 Monkeys were observed near the Iroquois Hotel which would burn down later that day, did they have anything to do with that? We will never know, but I am sure the Monkeys are responsible for many Issues in this City.  And that brings me to my main point for this story, recently one of those Monkeys crossed over to the Good Side and is now with me ready to help wherever he can. For the rest of the fall and winter the Monkey that is called Skywiggles will be touring around Cambridge and starting soon I will show you the pictorial evidence of Skywiggles at many of our famous landmarks. And he promises not to scare or eat any of you! So keep your eyes open, you may spot him soon.

(some details may be exaggerated)


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