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“You need a new Alternator and a new Battery” those were the words that Dave at Ott’s Garage said to me Friday Morning when he called me to inform me of what was wrong with my car. You see Thursday night my vehicle died and what made it worse was that Friday my Wife and I were heading up to the North Bay Area for a weekend with her Sister and Brother-in-law, and despite the mayor’s flying Monkees attempts to disrupt my mini vacation The Ott’s crew were able to get the vehicle on the road and off we headed.

But that is not what this story is about, it is about something we noticed as we drove up Hwy 11 and Hwy 17, not just the beauty of our province but what each town and hamlet had to say along the way. They all proudly had their city slogans displayed and i noticed that many of them extolled the virtues of the area. Chesley had “The Nicest Town around” and who was I to argue with them, Powasson stated that they were “The Heart of Good Living” and having been to Powasson many times in the past I had to agree with that one. Burks Falls was “A Growing Community nestled within Paradise” and looking around the area it was hard not agree with the paradise part, North Bay of course advertises themselves as “The Gateway to the North” and of course that is totally correct especially if you have ever been to Wawa and mention North bay being in Northern Ontario, they will correct you on that one. Parry Sound is of Course ‘The Heart of Ontario”, West Nipissing has “The lifestyle you deserve” and The Sturgeon Falls area is “What a Vacation should be”. And of course it goes on and on and that brings me to what we have here in Cambridge “It’s all right here”, not exactly poetic is it but i guess it beats what we could have had, ” The Rivers only smell on the hot days” or “We are not part of Kitchener”, but maybe I’m Jaded, because I love the near north and look forward to my yearly trips on our highways to the towns up there and whether it is going to Bala, Bracebridge or NorthBay i always feel a little more freedom when i am there no matter what the signs say.

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