The Cooper Street Relic

Just another blog from The Republic Of Hespeler

I have been doing Cooper street Relic for 4 years now, first on Blogger and for the last 3 years here on WordPress and over that time have tried a few different things on the Internet as well. One was the Cambridge Citizen which is now in the fine Hands of its other founder Scot Ferguson and that is what allowed me to follow a different path. I will keep the Relic going but with some minor changes to content,i will continue to write about the past as well as some of my obviously warped humour but will have a lot more on my favorite subject and that is music,music music. I have been writing about the artists and the music that I listened and still listen to and will continue to do that as often as possible, and hopefully I can still learn a thing or two as well about the new Music scene that is out there.

There are two other sites that I now have going one is called The Cambridge News(sort of) a site for those that can not stand the news today, and want to read something a little different,or as I call it “The news that We want to Print”  it is inspired by my youth reading Mad and cracked magazines by flashlight late at night under the covers and of course by The National Lampoon and the onion two of the best Satirical magazines out there.  The other site is still under construction and i hope to get it launched by early summer, it is called The New Hespeler Herald and when it is ready I will link to it from here. So good reading everyone and feel free to comment on anything you read here or my other sites. And remember

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