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As a child of the 60’s and 70’s the vinyl record was one thing that we took for granted, whether it was hearing my older brothers Elvis 45’s or having to listen to my Older sister play her Donny Osmond Albums, heck even hearing my Dad play his Glen Miller 78’s, Music back then was on Vinyl and of course we took it for Granted that it would always be around.  The trips to Records on Wheels or heading to Toronto to Sam the Record Man where a right of passage for every generation, find the newest single by The Stampeders or pick up a copy of Alice Coopers latest album were the highlight of anyone’s day.  Unlike the CD you could actually read the Liner notes on the Album and of course the legendary artwork on many of the albums were worth the price alone, something that the CD does not have.  And if you only wanted a single song you could just buy the 45 and listen to it, hell I remember buying a single by Jim Gold’s Gallery called “Nice to be with you” and playing the hell out of it.  But, like anything the vinyl record began to fade away as the cD came into being and of course they became popular as they were easier to store and you could put a disc on without having to flip it over half way through.  And as Disc’s grew in popularity the Vinyl record seemed to just stay on the outside of popularity not quite obscure but known to only a few hardcore audiophiles.  But the vinyl’s time is back and I for one am glad to welcome them. A number of current artists are releasing new albums and the record player is slowly becoming a viable option in the music world again.  Browsing through used record stores to find the old albums of my youth has become fun again and as I did when the CD’s took over I will rebuild my library with the music that I love.  And it is with pleasure that I tell you that Hespeler has its own Record store again, Millpond Records and Books is now open on Queen Street, so when downtown give ’em a shout and maybe you will find a treasure amongst the music.

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