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Woman and Men have been at odds for ever and will continue until times end, and as the saying goes A Dog is Man’s best Friend and that is for many reasons. At least a dog
stops whining when you let him into the house, and at night if i hear a
noise, the Dog volunteers to go check it out allowing me to stay warm
and cozy in bed.  It doesn’t cost me $50 to watch my dog lick himself,
and sticking with my getting others to do the dishes a dog will lick
his and my plate clean. A dog gets friendly with us without having
to get him drunk, and my dog doesn’t ask that silly old question does
my fur make me look fat?

Now let’s discuss arguing, a favorite
past time of many. Woman always seem to want to pick an arguement when
the hockey game is on, and when you try to compliment them with a line
like”Ooh, you are so cute when you get pissed off” you get even
madder.  And have you ever tried to picture someone naked when you are
being yelled at? It doesn’t work. If we told you that it does make you
fat, again you get mad and if we say it looks nice on you, you tell us
you are just saying that. If we use the advice column from Hustler
magazine to solve some of our”bed” problems you yell at us for that.
Making nice suggestions never works with you” What does the Great Oprah
have to say on that” just brings more heat down on us, and to suggest
that “you look just like your Mother’ brings tears and swear words even
we Men won’t use, and you know how much we like your Mother.  Now I
admit we make some mistakes, after all how did we know that was your
cousin, and to mention what time of the month it was, may have been a
mistake but really how bad was it to ask if the argument could wait
because the boy’s are waiting for me at the bar, I would have continued
it later, that should count. And let’s be truthful, if woman used as
much energy at the Gym as they do arguing, you wouldn’t have to worry
about getting fat.  So what are you going to do? Kick us in the Nards?
And now I am off to set the cot up in the Garage, something tells
me I am sleeping there tonight.  Now About that laundry!

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