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Saturday February 11th was Hockey day in Canada and from Whitehorse in the West to St.John’s in the East and all points in between  the game of Hockey was Celebrated in all it’s glory and here in Cambridge it was no different. As High Noon approached the winter warriors started to arrive and assembled at Legion branch 272 to prepare for another round of the battle between the Blue and Red, and this year was a benefit in the name of Fred Maltby who had passed away recently. The usual bravado was displayed by the combatants who joked with each other and tried to come up with new insults for each other and if the truth be known a grudging respect floated around the room as everyone was just looking forward to a little fresh air, exercise and perhaps a fleeting moment of glory.  As for the game, well it was as expected, there were some great plays and plenty of jawing at each other and of course the beer breaks that were almost as welcomed as a bathroom break(at least for me). And again it doesn’t matter who won or who scored it was all in good fun and as usual no ambulances were required.

The previous two years I had a video to go with these storys but this year I was actually playing and as such had no real pictures to use, but if you follow the links here you can see the video from the previous two events.  2010    2011     And here is a picture of the 2012 Hespeler Legion Road Hockey Allstars

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