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It was inevitable that we grow old and change as we do, But the question is , when did I become like my dad? Growing up I never thought this would happen but tonight reality struck home and i realized that no matter how hard I try, the transformation is almost complete.
I have fond memory’s of my Dad so don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad thing but I always thought I would be my own man as I got older, not just a replica of him. I have always done things a little like him, i tend to hide candy around the house, when hung over I tend to want to be by myself and always make sure I have a pen and a notepad in the car’s glove box just in case, of what I am not sure but it is there. I find myself making sure that before heading out on a trip all the car signals are working and I make sure to give myself plenty of time on trips to make a few pit stops so my body doesn’t get tired easily. But lately a few more of my Dad’s mannerisms have crept in to my life. Now I could care less if my socks match, after all I am wearing pants and shoes When I go out, I find that I have the stereo on less when I am driving then ever before and in fact when it is on I tend to have CBC Radio One on because you never know when the Libertarians are going to attack.  If something seems complicated I just don’t bother using it instead I utter phrases like” In my Day we didn’t have”, and don’t dare touch the remote while I am watching TV, that is my job to change the channels during commercials. I used to wrap or put all my leftovers in Tupperware before putting them in the fridge but now I don’t bother, heck I am going to eat them soon anyway. I tend to shut all my windows at night during the summer and make sure that I slam them extra hard like my Dad used to do to make sure they are really sealed tight, and don’t bother calling me after 10 o’clock at night, only bad news is delivered that late at night. When I was younger I would just get in the car and drive to my destination now I make sure I have the directions googled and printed out for proper verification( wonder what the Dad would have thought about google), I find myself analyzing all my bills something that just a few years ago I would never have done, even though my hydro bills have actually gone down I still vigorously check them for mistakes. And there is more but let me tell you about 2 things that made me realize tonight that I am my Dad. My wife was at her ladies Auxiliary meeting at the Hespeler Legion and since it was the middle of the week I didn’t go in to have a beer instead deciding to wait until the weekend but the other thing that really made me cringe came when I went to pick the wifee-poo up afterwords, I was wearing my pajama’s and I left my slippers on, things that my Dad always used to do and why did I do that? Because it was easier than getting changed and bending down to tie up my shoes, exactly the words my dad would say to my Mom when he did that…Yes, I am My Dad! God help You all.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I am my Dad.

  1. You are probably waiting to hear what i have to say about this. What witty comment i can add, How i can make fun of my younger b rother because i do tend to do this, but i must confess i realized a long time ago that yes jim you are your father.Enjoy this part of the trip.

  2. jimm hillis says:

    Why didn’t you tell me this, it would have spared me the agony!

  3. I rather enjoyed watching the drama unfold in front of me.You have the kindness and rather large heart of your father, and know you will find out just what you have of your mothers.

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