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My family in Hespeler goes back to the early 1900’s on both my Mother and Father side , and  have lived almost my entire 53 years on this planet in Hespeler. As such I have a few family members and a few friends of mine that are buried in the two Cemetery’s that make up the corner of Ellis Rd and Cooper Street. And as happened in an earlier story about my Uncle Alex, i wonder if one of the deceased saved my life one winter’s evening a few years ago.
It was in Early December of 2007 when the events happened and as always I will let the reader decide if it is real or not. It was just after midnight when my wife called me to pick her up from Bingo, and the snow and wind were blowing rather hard causing the leaves that not yet been picked up to blow around like tumbleweeds in a Ghost town. I made my way up Cooper Street and as I approached the stop sign I caught out of the corner of my eye something coming out of the cemetery causing me to stop short of the intersection and take a second look, as I did it appeared that a figure was crossing the road in front of me, but in the blowing conditions I could not make out who ,or what it was. And at that moment a car that was coming up Ellis Road to my left went sliding through the stop sign and hit the curb rather hard causing  more that a little damage to his vehicle,  a spot I might add where I would have been stopped if not for the figure that had caused me to stop short of the intersection, he would have t-boned me and at the speed he was going it would have caused me some real damage. I got out to help the young man and called the police for him, I made sure that he was alright, waited for the police to show and gave my report and headed back to my vehicle when I stopped in my tracks and realized front of my vehicle where the figure had crossed, there were no footprints in the snow!  Only mine were visible, I still wonder to this day…who crossed in front and saved me from an accident?

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