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Ah, the summer, times are slower and the beer seems even better. But the one thing that can really suck during this time of year are the programs that the local networks air and force us to watch. With that in mind I along with my evil com-padre have come up with a few ideas that we intend to pitch to the CBC. Here are just a sampling of what we would like to see.

Hey! Stop peeing on my lawn…the story of Summer Friday Nights in Hespeler

Two Guy’s,a girl and a street Corner…Life on Queen Street.

Everybody Loves Shaft…A day in the life of Gary Boomer

Meat and Potatoes…She’s a Vegan,he’s a butcher together they get into wacky adventures..episode 1..they visit Marineland, she protests, he rides the dolphins.

Survivor Cambridge: A night of Karaoke at the Barking Fish

Much Music Cribs: Rick Cowsill’s Garage

Family Feud Cambridge: Hespeler vs Cambridge

Trailer Park Makeovers: Maple Street Edition

Who wants to tell the mad guy on Adam Street to shut up?

Who wants to be Mayor?

Mad about Everything:

Can you grow a beard like Mayor Craig?

And my personal favorite…It’s naked time!!!

Enjoy your summer viewing my friends.

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