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Hot en­ough for ya? How many times have you heard that one this week? but as summ­er comes full force at us we all look for­ward to per­haps the 2 fin­est months of the year and what they have in store for us. Here in Cambrid­ge we have the For­bes Park fes­tiv­al, Mill Race Folk Fes­tiv­al and the Highland Games for just start­ers and i hope every­one can make it out to sup­port at least one of these events if not more.

But Summ­er also br­ings out the mem­ory’s in all of us, trips to the beach,the Co­ttage,­go­ing cam­ping(ev­en if it is just in the bac­kyard), tour­ing around the pro­vin­ce with the parents and sibl­ings dis­cover­ing un­known towns and fairs that seem to pop up every­where this time of the year. And as al­ways we make new mem­ory’s that hopeful­ly will last a li­fetime, and that is what we want to know, what are your favorite mem­ory’s of sum­mer’s past. I know my most en­joy­able summ­ers as a kid were spent with my fami­ly dur­ing the 2 weeks that my fath­er got off work and we al­ways seemed to go some­where, if it wasn’t up to our Co­usins co­ttage in Bala it would be to Powas­san and Camp Mac Mac. But per­haps the most mem­or­able summ­er was in 1967 when as a fami­ly we headed to one of my favourite de­stina­tions as a kid, Man­itoulin Is­land , I re­memb­er the ex­cite­ment of see­ing the towns of Lit­tle Cur­rent and tak­ing the ferry from Tober­mo­ry to South bay Mouth. Even though we went sever­al times to the Is­land this one trip sticks out be­cause in 1967 it was our cen­tenni­al year and Canada was in a fes­tive mood, Expo 67 was on, we had a new flag and party’s were being held from Coast to Coast, as a matt­er of fact Pier­re Be­rton would later call 1967 “Canada’s Last Good Year”. One of those groups celeb­rat­ing the Voyageurs. who were re-enacting the Fur Trade Canoe Routes that used to travel the same water 100 years ago and on this par­ticular trip they were on the Ferry re­lax­ing and i was able to get my pic­ture taken with these hardy in­dividu­als and was able to learn a lit­tle about our past which to this day has stuck with me and i be­lieve was the be­ginn­ing of my life long in­terest in His­to­ry and all that it en­tails. And while there would be other great summ­ers to come it is not often that an event like that comes around and stick in a mem­o­ry like that did. And as for the rest of the trip, well this pic­ture should an­sw­er that.

So what are some of your mem­ory’s of Sum­mer’s Gone by?

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