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Long Weekend Coming up and will the weather co-operate? Will Gas Prices rise? Will Vancouver win the Stanley cup? You know what, it doesn’t matter because Armageddon is happening on Saturday. The End of the World is coming, earthquakes galore and some dude named Jesus is planning to show up and 3% of the worlds population is going to be spending the rest of eternity in heaven while the rest of us will be dead and gone within 153 days never to experience another drop of rain( a good thing actually, can’t wait for that part of it). Now I myself am not predicting this it is what the Family Radio Ministry is predicting. I mean, let’s be reasonable for a moment: If Armageddon is happening on Saturday — which reminds me, I’m not even going to bother picking up the dry cleaning — but if it’s happening Saturday, I want to make sure I get good meal in beforehand. Something tells me getting our hands on some good steak is going to be difficult post-Armageddon. (I’ve thought this through: When the weatherman says it’s going to snow, supermarkets can’t keep white bread and milk on the shelves. What do you think the rush is going to look like the day after Armageddon? Hmmm?)
Now, I am a Buddhist Treckie Agnostic Druid and as such i want to see proof and so far the Family Radio Ministry have predicted this before and nothing has happened so I don’t feel that it will happen so here is my statement on this….Armageddon will fail.ARE YOU A-GETTIN’IT? Armageddon it( I knew I listened to Def leppard for some reason)

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