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Last year i passed my 52nd  year on this planet and am enjoying life more at this age than at any other time, but there are some things that bothered me as a kid that still bother me now.
I hated making my bed as a kid and still do to this day, i mean were just going to mess it up again, right?. And while we are at it, cleaning my room is still an issue, nobody but my wife or myself uses the room so who am i hurting?
Of course that ties into another thing that bugs me and that is being nagged. Growing up it was my Mother and now it is my Wife[ and yes i am taking out the garbage,as soon as i am done this story]. I remember going to the cottage and always having to take a washroom break almost as soon as we left, last weekend i went to see my older brother in Meaford and we were not even on the other side of Guelph and i had to go pee, man that bugs me. I hated Brussell Sprouts then and i hate them now! And nobody is going to make me eat them. I remember as a kid my Mom always yelling at me and she still does to this day only now she does it by Phone, Cell phone and Internet, sometime /technology isn’t for the better. As a kid having to get dressed up was a hate of mine and today i STILL hate to get dressed up, hell Blue Jeans and a nice sweater is Voque to me. And of course i am still not old enough to know it all, and that bugs me. My mother used to remind me not to run with scissors, so yesterday when my wife asked me to get the scissors from her knitting room she yelled” Don’t Run with the scissors” , i mean how stupid does she think i am! Hey, don’t answer that! When i was a kid i hated to get my hair cut and i still hate it, but only because for the amount of hair i have, 12 bucks seems like a lot. And finally i hate being spanked because i am a bad boy…..oops..sorry wrong list for that one.
So what did you hate as a kid that you still hate today? And no liver answers, i actually like that stuff.

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  1. Dave Bearing says:

    Keep up the good work, love reading your stuff.

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