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One of the sweetest songs ever written and performed, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Stills and Nash is in my top ten songs of all time and a song that does not sound dated at all. This song written by Steven Stills in 1969 is about a woman who most music fans have heard of, Judy Collins and the pain he felt about breaking up with her.  Stills and Judy had been dating for just over two years when the breakup occurred and Judy left him for Actor Stacey Keach, who she had met while appearing in Shakespeare Production in New York. Judy Collins remembers when she first heard the song”[Stephen] came to where I was singing one night on the West Coast and brought his guitar to the hotel and he sang me “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” the whole song. And of course it has lines in it that referred to my therapy. And so he wove that all together in this magnificent creation. So the legacy of our relationship is certainly in that song”.
Judy is still active on the performing circuit at 72 years of age and is a strong social activist. Stills at 66 years of age is still touring and recording, his last album  was released in 2009 and hopefully he is over the breakup by now.
And if you are wondering what the lyrics are to the final verse of the song it is sung in Spanish and is as such.

Que linda! Me la traigo a Cuba
La reina de la Mar Caribe
Quiero sólo visitarla allí
Y que triste que no puedo. ¡Vaya!
O va, o va

A rough translation into English might read:

How pretty! I’ll bring her to Cuba
The queen of the Caribbean Sea
I only want to visit her there
And how sad that I can’t. Oh!
Oh go, oh go!

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