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The hockey sticks were layed across the long table in the center of the Hespeler Legion and the men that were about to partake in the annual Hockey Day festival were surveying them like soldiers getting ready for battle and perhaps in their minds that is what it was. They stood milling around having the pre-game drinks, making jokes about each other and in a sense feeling each other out, because this was not just another day, for this was Hockey Day in Hespeler and this year it had an additional element to it as there was a fund-raiser involved to help out the family of the late Raymond Brewer and everyone wanted this one to be the best.

And the weather did not disappoint as it was a sunny afternoon and from the first ball drop until the goalie nets were taken away it was, as usual a well done affair with a little of everything that makes the Canadian Game of Road Hockey great. There was little goaltender interference some deflected shots that somehow made their was past the keepers of the twine a few attempted end to end rushes and at the end of it all a sense of pride in a job well done.

But the day didn’t end there because as usual the post game  gathering was just as interesting as the players and the fans seemed to enjoy taking pot shots and praising each other all at the same time. And after the game there was the benefit to look after and it was a spectacular success from the silent auction to the music of Speily and Trott and as the night wore down the crowd in the hall all felt a bit of pride in their community and after all is that not what Canada is about!

And again no ambulances were required for any of the participants.

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