The Cooper Street Relic

Just another blog from The Republic Of Hespeler

Just some sayings that bug me.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush……Makes no sense two birds are better than one. Plus the one in my hand would probably crap in it.

A bitter pill….Anytime I am sick a pill is not bitter to me

A chip off the old block…..A chip off of anything and my wife makes me throw it out.

A diamond in the rough….I don’t care where you find a diamond it’s all worth the same.

A feather in his cap….o.k., if any guy in my neighborhood growing up put a feather in his cap we would have beat him up.

The hair of the dog…This one has never made sense to me. I know what it means but really, this and A dogs breakfast, totally stupid.

A happy camper…Any time I can get camping is a happy time, I don’t know any unhappy campers.

A Mexican standoff….Is it different than a Swedish standoff, and what do they call it in Mexico? A Washington standoff?

Ain’t just whistling Dixie…..Don’t get it and don’t care about this one

Apple of my eye….I don’t like apples that much and apples go bad real quick after you peel them

Bump in the night….Bump in the day is just as bad I think…

That is all for now, there are plenty more and when I have time I will post some that really bug me

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