The Cooper Street Relic

Just another blog from The Republic Of Hespeler

The elusive dream has been around
From one Generation to another
It’s something we have never found
It’s like finding the perfect lover.

The Elusive dream will drive you wild
You search, but the answer never comes
You find yourself looking at the inner child
and chasing after the setting sun.

The Elusive dream is withing your grasp
you remind yourself, try to have fun
You lay awake and to your God you ask
am i destined to always be on the run.

The elusive dream will make you scream
It will make you laugh, it will make you cry
You try to remember everything you have seen
And you wind up asking yourself why?

The Elusive dream is on the wind
the answer is flowing through the trees
Man has fought and sinned
And to find the dream, they have falling to their knees

When the Breezes blow, on the warm spring day
Just listen and you will hear
“You are the answer, Peace to all that you hold dear”

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