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No this is not going to be one of those “When I was your age” posts, but instead an examination of getting older. I am now 3 years past 50 and while that is not old, to a younger generation it is almost ancient and after watching and listening to two of my grand Rug Rats discussing the current electronic trends and music personality’s , I did indeed feel a little older.  And yes, there is good and bad in getting older, more good than bad, but nonetheless there is both. Let’s face it at my age and financial situation kidnappers are not going to be very interested in me and if I ever get caught in a hostage situation I probably would be one of the first released. When I go to my Doctor no one calls me a hypochondriac and I am finally able to enjoy the benefits of our medical system.  At this age my joints are probably a better weather indicator than the Weather Channel is and I actually enjoy listening to other people talk about their health issues. And once you are over 50 is there anything left to learn the hard way? The posted speed limits on the highway are no longer a challenge and I actually know and can hum along with the music that plays in the elevator. My eyes can’t possibly get much worse at this point can they? And I don’t need to hold my stomach in anymore when a woman walks into the room, and most of my secrets are safe with my friends because they have problems remembering them as well. I’ve learned never to take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same evening or confuse my career with my life. Nobody makes fun of my dancing anymore, they are just surprised I can still do the twist and the limbo. I’ve learned never to lick a sharp steak knife and I have learned that the most destructive force in the world is Gossip. And I have learned that no matter what you do, someone will take it too seriously and that your friends and family will love you no matter what you do.  And in an answer to my Grandchildren, yes, two sticks and a rock was one of my toy’s when I was your age.  Happy Aging everyone!

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  1. Pat says:

    Bravo! Happy 3 years past 50 Birthday! James

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