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Having grown up in Hespeler I was used to the small original Zehrs that was located where liquidation World is now, and before that the small corner grocery stores, the Red and White etc..but now the new Zehrs is open and it is a large store, as a matter of fact here is a picture of me in my state of confusion.

2 thoughts on “The New Zehrs

  1. Pat says:

    Love your humor James, you always make me smile. You mentioned the the Red and White store…do you remember Clair the butcher at the IGA next to Wilkies? He was the best butcher ever & later had his own butchershop …oh gawd I have to get my bearings straight ….across the road from the old liquor store.
    Those were the days when iit was perfectly safe & tasted absolutely wonderful to pinch off a finger full of ground chuck & douse it with salt & love every minite of the the delicious mouthful.
    But these days if we ever tried that we would end up on the floor just like your latest photo. I guess the same goes for swallowing a raw egg. My Dad used to do that if he had a hangover & couldn’t eat anything yet knew he needed nourshiment. As a child he had me convinced they tasted good even if one didn’t have a hangover….lol.
    The things we did in the days when it was safe.
    Ow wow I suspose I should not have shared my childhood raw hamburger & raw egg fetish…
    I just feel so blessed to have grown up in a childhood of trust & no fear.
    I just learned something today….I can click on a star & say excellent.

  2. jimm hillis says:

    thanks for the comments, and i do remember Claire the Butcher, I used to hang around with his daughter. My dad used Limburger cheese.

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