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I hope everyone is having a great summer, I know that i have not been posting much but, hell i am having too good of a summer to do much writing, that is why some of my posts are just repeats. It has  been a busy summer and there is still more to come and one of the events i went to this year was 2 weeks ago at Copps Coliseum. Sir Elton John was in town and my wife and I decided to go to the show. I had not seen him live since the mid 70’s while he was on his Captain fantastic tour, I believe it was in 74 or 75.  And as usual he put on a great show and everyone had a great time. the following pictures are from the show, but since i don’t own a great camera some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, but you get the idea anyway.  So enjoy what is left of summer and i will see you all soon.

look at the sea of humanity

My wife and I at the end of the night, teenagers we are not!

One thought on “Summer So Far…The Elton John Edition

  1. John Caffrey says:

    jimmy,jimmy,jimmy, thats the way you looked after the elton concert back in 74. Great pictures, enjoy the rest of the summer, catch you for a brew this weekend maybe?

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