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While i was sitting in the Zehr’s parking lot waiting for my Mother to finish her shopping i watched a woman park her vehicle in a Handicap Space. Now there is nothing wrong with that but when she emerged she obviously was not handicapped. And as i sat there i though to myself, wonder what excuse she would use if someone confronted her about it. Here were some i came up with.

My Grandfather was handicapped, isn’t there a Grandfather clause in the law?
I don’t read so Good
I suffer from terminal laziness
I suffer from attention deficit disorder. Huh, what where you saying?
My inner child just needed an Ice cream sandwich.
My shoes are too expensive to walk in.
Wheelchair symbol? I though it was a rocking chair.
My religion forbids common acts of courtesy.
I ignore other laws, why not this one?
I am a painfully swollen EGO.

I should have said something but by then i realized i was parked in a pregnant woman only spot! NARF

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